The ECS Honors & Awards Program recognizes outstanding technical achievements in electrochemical and solid-state science and technology in the form of Society, Division, Section, and Student Awards.

An ECS Honors & Awards Program application includes the electronic nomination form and a Nomination Packet. Please visit the award webpage found on the ECS website or the Application Submission Instructions page for a list of specific documents required for this award.

Before submitting the application, review the below notes:

Upon completion, the nominator will receive a system generated email acknowledgement at the nominator's address provided.

Please email if you have any questions.

ECS Honors & Awards Nomination Form

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Proposed Citation for Award (max of 300 characters including spaces, required)

Summary of Nominee Qualifications that Serve as Basis for Award (max of 5000 characters, Required)

ECS Volunteer Activity for Fellow of the Electrochemical Society Award

Nomination Packet